Coaching is more than just putting together an athletic training plan…

We understand that hiring a coach is a difficult decision for many athletes. There are so many factors that go into choosing who to work with, and Carole Sharpless Coaching offers you the best professional athletic coaching plans available. When you work with Carole Sharpless Coaching, you’ll receive individual attention and expert coaching.

Training for a triathlon is more than putting together a training plan. You’ll work with Carole Sharpless Coaching to become a better athlete, and will work towards your goal with a customized plan.

At Carole Sharpless Coaching, we pride ourselves on the expert interaction and individualized attention we give all our athletes. Our triathlon training plans align your current and future abilities in relation to your goals and life commitments. Along the way to your goal, you will be assisted with race preparation and strategy; triathlon specific functional strength training; heart rate analysis; swim analysis; video analysis; your mental approach to training and racing; and with helping to balance family, work, and life. 

About Carole Sharpless

Carole Sharpless has been an athlete for most of her life, although she entered into the professionally competitive world a bit later than most.

Now, she helps other athletes (both professional and amateur) over the finish line. Her coaching style encompasses individualized coaching, personalized plans, and intuitive practices.

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Carole Sharpless Coaching Packages

When you partner with Carole Sharpless Coaching, you’ll receive the best instructional coaching around!

You have the ability to reach your goals, cross the finish line, and conquer any race you set your mind to— we’re just there for support and guidance.