Carole Sharpless Coaching Package: Private One-On-One Coaching

Working with Carole Sharpless Coaching was the absolute best decision I made for my training. I’ve been a swimmer through college and Masters, and definitely find myself acting like a total klutz on land, but I wanted to start running to see if I could do it! Carole helped me build a plan for my half-marathon, kept me accountable, updated my plan according to my ever-changing schedule, provided hilarious and excellent emotional support, and regularly checked in with me to make sure that my training was going well.

Whenever I had a setback (and I had many!) Carole was there was a joke, a recommendation for moving forward, and a lot of heart. Carole is the best coach I’ve ever worked with, and she even came to support me at my first half-marathon by running the first lap with me!

No other coach I’ve worked with has ever done that for me, and it just goes to show that 1) Carole practices what she preaches– she was able to casually run six miles with me on a whim, and 2) Carole’s coaching style is one of true commitment.

Now because of Carole Sharpless Coaching, I’m considering a triathlon next year!

I highly recommend Carole Sharpless to anyone looking for true, professional athletic coaching and THANK YOU CAROLE for changing my life!