Got questions? We’ve got answers! Training can be scary no matter if you’re an elite athlete or just starting out into the world of racing, and there are no stupid questions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a beginner, and I just want to survive my first race. Is Carole Sharpless Coaching right for me?

Absolutely, and by the way, we’re so proud of you! We work with all levels of athletes, from the elite athlete who wants to hit a certain goal time to the beginner who is just trying to finish a race or distance for the first time. We strive to educate our beginner athletes on injury prevention and proper form so the likelihood of continued achievement is higher. You’ll not only survive this race, you’re going to crush it!

Isn’t this the same as a downloaded plan from the internet?

NOPE! Plans downloaded from the internet are very general and basic and can be applied to anyone. When you work with Carole Sharpless Coaching, your workouts will be tailored to fit your specific fitness level, goals, and lifestyle. Each workout can be very specific to you including distances, paces, and rest intervals. We will work one on one with you to determine your weaknesses and assess your form, and then provide specific workouts and/or drills to improve those areas. In addition, your fitness changes as you move through a training plan. Carole Sharpless Coaching will be constantly monitoring changes and adjusting your training to match those changes.

I work a lot, have a family, and am a part-time alpaca farmer. Will these plans work for my busy schedule?

Yep, they certainly will! The goal here is to make your training a part of your life, and not the other way around (unless you’re ready for that!). Let’s discuss your schedule so we can figure out a good plan for your schedule, together.

What is the investment for hiring Carole Sharpless Coaching?

We have different package options to fit everyone’s budget and athletic goals. Contact us by CLICKING HERE to discuss which package would be best for you.