To reach your goal, don’t settle for anything less than a philosophy based 100% on you, the athlete. Carole, former pro triathlete, is considered one of the finest swim technicians in the country and will target the places in your stroke that need some help. 

The following approaches help you fine tune your training, using Carole’s expertise. Your training needs and goals will be evaluated by direct communication with Carole, and you’ll have access to one of the best coaches the pro circuit has to offer.


Personalized Swim Video Analysis:

Improve your stroke with a personalized swim video assessment. You don’t need a fancy camera, or even an underwater one. Just a couple videos taken from your phone will work just fine. Included in your analysis will be Carole’s written observations and screen shots taken to illustrate points. Carole will suggest various drills for you to do to help work on your limiters.  A video of the suggested drill will be attached so you’re able to see how to do the drill properly.

You’ll get a comprehensive, detailed format that includes drills that work on your limitations. You’ll also receive videos to show you exactly how to do the drill, and WHY you’re doing them.

  • Submit up to ten (10) videos to Carole via Dropbox/Google Drive
    • REMEMBER: No need for fancy cameras. Use your phone, and send over underwater if you have it!
  • Personalized assessment of your stroke, your body position, and your athletic level
  • Advanced recommendations for improvements that you can immediately put into action

“The analysis process was super easy and fast! Since I only had to send a video and not worry about making an appointment for a specific session, it made it super convenient for someone who is time crunched like me.”

– Eric B.


Private Coaching:

Work with Carole one-on-one. This includes weekly 1-hour meetings with Carole (in person or online) to review your progress, the previous week’s plan, and your goals for the future. This coaching plan will ensure that you meet your racing goal.

  • Personalized plan to meet your goal
  • One (1) hour meeting per week with Carole
  • Unlimited email and phone connections
  • Editing of plan if you have vacations/weddings/interruptions
  • Targeted coaching designed to help you with your exact preferences

“Carole has managed to keep my training in line with schedule crafted with a wisdom I can only dream to attain. She works with me to balance my family, my business, and my sport – which for me is essential. She will know, before I do, when I’m going to be tired! I’ve lost almost 100lbs, done over 40 races, and my sprint times have decreased – without injury. I provide the engine, she provides the map, it works out great. Highly recommended.”

– Ron Searle, (Chicago, IL)


Annual Swimming Membership:

Targeted for the individual who doesn’t have an option of joining a masters group or wants the same quality of those workouts given in an individual setting. You’ll receive a yearly supply of Carole’s uniquely crafted Masters swim workouts that she coaches in Boulder, Colorado. It will include a periodized approach based on the calendar year, with easier workouts built within that can be used again for race weeks. Plus, you’ll have access to private swim videos not open to the public.

Designed for the athlete who doesn’t have a Masters swim program locally or who wants triathlete-specific, challenging swim workouts for their own purposes.

  • Twelve (12) month’s supply of swim workouts
  • Monthly recommendations for swim workout yardage and distance vs. sprint workouts
  • Special access to Most Common Mistakes videos and Corrective Coaching videos
  • Option for advanced customization if moving to Private Coaching
  • 20% discount on Personalized Video Analysis (see above)

“As a very inexperienced swimmer, I had no idea where to start to improve my stroke or which drills would be most beneficial to me. I’ve already seen a huge difference in how I move through the water after doing the drills Carole suggested for balance.  Thanks, Carole!” – Christie O.



To schedule a consultation with Carole about which of the options above is best for you, please contact her at 

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