“After 2 years of thinking I knew how to train and getting nothing but disappointing results I went to Carole for some help. What I got was more than I could have ever expected. I have never met a person more dedicated to getting the best out of a person in my life. Her personal attention and genuine care of my progress are a welcome breath of fresh air. Carole’s knowledge, experience, and expertise are an invaluable resource that I am very thankful I have access to. As long as I compete in triathlon, Carole will be my coach.” – Andrew Stephenson (Atlanta, GA)

“As a very inexperienced swimmer, I had no idea where to start to improve my stroke or which drills would be most beneficial to me. Carole provided me with an in-depth swim analysis that identified my areas of strength and weaknesses.  She identified the mistakes that I was making and gave specific drills to target the errors.  Her videos demonstrating how to do the different drills are clear and easy to understand even for very new swimmers.  I’ve already seen a huge difference in how I move through the water after doing the drills Carole suggested for balance.  Thanks, Carole!” – Christie O.


“By sending two short videos to Carole for analysis I was able to get a complete breakdown of all parts of my stroke. The input Carole provided gave a laser focus on where the greatest improvements can come from in the shortest period of time. Carole supplied an abundance of videos that show proper technique and recommended drills to reinforce her guidance. It just goes to show you can teach an old dog new tricks. I have been competing in triathlon since 2002 and this year there will be some PRs for me on the swim leg!” – Matt M.

“I started working with Carole after my first season in triathlon. That year I had pulled myself off the couch and managed to survive a few sprint tri’s and knew that I needed more. However, I was completely exhausted, hitting a plateau, and was constantly getting sick. I knew enough to recognize I was overtraining and heading for injury but I didn’ t know how to stop it. Carole has managed to keep my training in line with schedule crafted with a wisdom I can only dream to attain. She works with me to balance my family, my business, and my sport – which for me is essential. She will know, before I do, when I’m going to be tired! I’ve lost almost 100lbs, done over 40 races (sprint through 70.3, cyclocross, time trials, running races, and more) and my sprint times have gone from over 2:15 to 1:24 – without injury. I provide the engine, she provides the map, it works out great. Highly recommended.” – Ron Searle, (Chicago, IL)



“Sharpie: What a coach! I have been working with her for 3 years and she has to be the most positive, responsive, serious and analytical coach out there. She is even the funniest coach, to boot! Her workouts are very specific to my races and lifestyle. She is ridiculously fast in responding to any athlete questions day or night. Her race specific workouts vary so my body never gets used to them and always make me push. In just six months her smart, intuitive and practical training schedules and resource availability cut my half Ironman time by over an hour. In addition to being a fantastic coach, she is a fantastic friend that bends over backwards to assist anyone!” – Damon Grimes, (Atlanta, GA)

“Working with Carole Sharpless Coaching was the absolute best decision I made for my training. I’ve been a swimmer through college and Masters, and definitely find myself acting like a total klutz on land, but I wanted to start running to see if I could do it! Carole helped me build a plan for my half-marathon, kept me accountable, updated my plan according to my ever-changing schedule, provided hilarious and excellent emotional support, and regularly checked in with me to make sure that my training was going well. Whenever I had a setback (and I had many!) Carole was there was a joke, a recommendation for moving forward, and a lot of heart. Carole is the best coach I’ve ever worked with, and she even came to support me at my first half-marathon by running the first lap with me! No other coach I’ve worked with has ever done that for me, and it just goes to show that 1) Carole practices what she preaches– she was able to casually run six miles with me on a whim, and 2) Carole’s coaching style is one of true commitment. Now because of Carole Sharpless Coaching, I’m considering a triathlon next year! I highly recommend Carole Sharpless to anyone looking for true, professional athletic coaching and THANK YOU CAROLE for changing my life!”- Murphy A. (Boulder, CO)



“I had 2 IM races under my belt before Carole. I raced my first Ironman races with another training program. The plan was fine and I finished. What happens is this: you want to see how much faster you can get the pain over with. Oh, there is going to be pain in an Ironman no matter if you are done in 8 hours or 17. So, when you are out there for 15 hours like I was in Hawaii, all you think about is a way to get the pain over with quicker the next time around. Carole and I had met and she had a great competitive spirit. We have worked closely over the past 2 years and I have consistently hit PR’s ever since. I just keep getting faster. By using the feedback she’s given, Carole makes a connection with her athletes to adjust training SPECIFICALLY to that athlete’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure progression. Oh, and I haven’t been injured under her coaching either. Basically, if you want someone who is going to get you to the line healthy and ready to have the best race you can have, Carole is it.” – Kristin Marino (Atlanta, GA)

“Although I had been training and racing for a number of years before I began working with Carole in October of 2006, Carole’s guidance took me to a another level entirely. She helped me prepare for my first ironman distance race, 2007 Ironman Coeur d’Alene. Through her experience as a professional triathlete, knowledge of training principles, and wisdom in being able to motivate and connect with the individual athlete, Carole’s plan helped me to qualify for the Ironman World Championships at my first ironman race! Carole kept me injury free, motivated, and she was able to gradually introduce confidence building experiences throughout my training plan. By the time I got to the event I was more prepared than I could ever have envisioned. Not only is Carole professional, knowledgeable, and a straight shooter, but she’s also got a remarkable warm and loving heart, fun spirit and personality.” – Amy Westergren-Amlicke (Acworth, GA)



“Carole is very involved as a coach. She communicates with me regularly about my progress and how I’m feeling. Her insight, expertise, and sense of humor have been COMPLETELY invaluable. She gets me to the starting line feeling TOTALLY prepared, and I am truly a stronger triathlete – and person – because I have worked with her.” – Sarah Hackler (Dunwoody, GA)

“Carole is, without a doubt, the most hands on and supportive coach I’ve ever met. She really cares about her athletes and it’s apparent when you see how much time she puts into each schedule and how available she makes herself. Since being coached by Carole, I’ve raced better and faster, trained smarter.” – Kathy Williamon (Dunwoody, GA)



“I started working with Carole at the beginning of 2005 to improve my performance and learn how to properly train for triathlons. After four years of self-coaching my performance had plateaued, I was battling injuries, and I was bored with my workouts. In my first year with Carole I witnessed an immediate improvement in my performance, setting several personal records including a 4:29 at the Gulf Coast 1/2 IM. More importantly, Carole’s knowledge of coaching made training fun and interesting and kept me healthy throughout the 2005 season.” – Kurt Albertson (Atlanta, GA)

“Carole has done an amazing job fitting workouts into my impossible Air Force schedule. I give her very little training time to work with, but she always manages to create workouts personalized just for me that keep me competitive. And it works–she is an awesome coach! I qualified for Ironman Hawaii this season (2005) –then raced and finished my first ever Ironman this year at Kona and beat every goal I had–because of her coaching and the time she invested in my success.” – Abby White (Del Mar, FL)

“I have used many coaches over the years and had mediocre results. Carole was able to able to unlock my aerobic engine and make me feel like a locomotive on the course. Given all the time constraints that most amateur athletes face, her athlete results are nothing short of incredible. It is Carole’s desire to see you succeed that gives you that extra mental strength to finish. You just can’t let “Sharpie” down.” – Andrew Bell (Atlanta, GA)